AdHang announces its new service, #1 Online Publicity Service for TV programs, Talent Hunts and Reality Shows. This Online Publicity Service will reach millions of targeted audiences across Nigeria.

AdHang, the prominent SEO experts in Lagos, announced its new publicity service. The new service is enhancing publicity for reality shows’ new talents and actors. It is designed to help new talent hunt programs get recognized by the right audiences in Nigeria. According to the company representative, AdHang can reach more than 100 million targeted audiences in Nigeria, and this is a very interesting statement from the company, in which the program needs many participants to pursue their goals.

Many talents came from people who didn’t know how to market themselves. At AdHang, the company will perform its proven marketing plans to get them the right audiences. AdHang, the top publicity agency in Nigeria, will be able to perform both simple and advanced online marketing strategies. To reach the goal, the company will perform online marketing strategies that include promotion with internet banners, blogs, news websites, search engine marketing, mobile marketing, press release, Nigerian online forums, fan pages, advertising videos, and much more.

One of the successful programs that used AdHang online publicity service is Xplore. A youth talent program that focuses on Acting and Singing in Nigeria. Before asking AdHang to handle its promotion, the program was facing many challenging situations. It had lacked trust by the Nigerian public; the program had no awareness, and was unpopular. Following the challenging situation, AdHang and its professional team performed its marketing strategies to gain the program’s popularity. They performed press release writing and publication, Ad copywriting, Social Media Advertising, and Advertising Video production. With proven marketing strategies, as a result, the program got an awareness across Nigeria, reached more than 311,000 audiences, and it got permanent video placements on video sites and press release sites, in which promoting the brand as well.

Also, AdHang is responsible for online promotion of The Justice Court, an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) reality court programme on television.

About AdHang

AdHang is a reliable Social media marketing consultants in Nigeria. The company has helped The Justice Court and Xplore Program among others to get awareness from the public of Nigeria. With AdHang’s publicity services, programs can get more awareness, educate more than 100 million Nigerian about the program, get more participants, make the program on top of the search engines, and much more. For more information, please visit

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