Whether you live in one of the busy streets of Jodhpur, famous as the ‘Sun City’ or you are a traveller visiting the Sun City, it would always be advantageous for you to hire a cab from a reputed and reliable taxi rental service company. Here in this write-up, we will be discussing the various reasons for hiring a taxi service in Jodhpur. While travelling in public transport like auto or bus is cost-effective but the current pandemic has raised many questions. A well-informed answer to all these uncertainty and fear related to travelling can be found in our Jodhpur taxi booking.
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For a tourist: Why Jodhpur taxi service should be your first choice for in-city and outstation tours;

No need of road maps: If you are touring the Sun City for the very first time, you might be carrying a road map or google map with you like most of the visitors. But, if you choose to travel around the city using a taxi in Jodhpur, then you will definitely not require a roadmap to reach to a specific destination, this is because the taxi drivers are experienced and are well acquainted with the routes thereby, saving you time and hassle of searching on the roadmap.

Visit the Jodhpur fort: The Sun City is very famous for the Mehrangarh fort located at a distance of 150m on a hilltop. The majestic fort exhibits the superb craftsmanship of the local artists with the sheer size of the sandstone palaces in the fort. Many of the tourists visit Jodhpur particularly to see this fort and probably you too are amongst them. If yes, then it would be convenient for you to choose taxi service in Jodhpur for your visit to the Jodhpur fort.

For a local resident: 
Hiring taxi in Jodhpur is very beneficial for a local resident for the following reasons:

·        Saves your money: Commuting by your own car can be very expensive in terms of fuel, maintenance cost, parking cost and many other such add-ons. Whereas, if you choose to commute via taxi services in Jodhpur, then you can save more than half of this money and pay only a fixed amount for the rental service.

·        No need to carry your documents: You will have to carry your driving license, car documents, PUC, insurance documents of the car and different other papers before you set out on a journey in your personal car. Whereas, you will not require to carry any of your personal documents if you hire a taxi rental service in Jodhpur. It will be the cabby’s or taxi driver’s responsibility. We as a taxi service in Jodhpur will shoulder all the responsibility both on-road and off-road.

·        Relax on the back seat: You would have to drive all by yourself if you pick your personal car to travel to a specific destination or travel in overcrowded public transports. But if you choose a taxi rental service, you can sit on the back seat and relax, while taking the pleasure of the beautiful views of Jodhpur city. 
Booking a taxi service in Jodhpur is comfortable and affordable but do you know it is incredibly safe as well. You can follow social distancing norms while travelling. Our drivers wear a mask and use sanitizer. All the taxi services in Jodhpur hired through us is properly sanitized before and after every ride. Wait the icing on the cake here is that we provide all this without charging a single penny extra. We follow a policy of transparency and thereby a value for your hard-earned money. Padharo is a market place for all types of vehicles serving across all the cities of Rajasthan. Travel safe Travel with Padharo.