The sound in the vehicle can be substantially improved by replacing the speaker system – even in combination with older factory radios or entry level systems. There is now a vehicle-specific speaker from car audio specialist EMPHASER ( for easily achieving an efficient sound upgrade in the VW T5. This is the 2-way component speaker EM-VWF1 with a sound performance, installation features, and interfacing that have been optimized for the VW. The new system for the Volkswagen is 100 per cent plug and play – and can therefore be installed as a replacement for the original factory system with minimal effort.
The basis for the EM-VWF1 is the large 20 cm woofer. With its powerful magnetic drive, a 30 mm voice coil and efficiently ventilated spider it stands for a high efficiency and a deep bass fundament. On account of its stability and high natural resonance frequency, the aluminum cone is ideal for the precise reproduction of detail-rich music.
The 12 dB/octave filter of the woofer is directly mounted at the rear of the speaker basket so that it is not necessary to run any further wiring. Connection is plug and play using the original connector.
The 28-mm tweeter brings the stage directly to the dashboard. The fine definition woven fabric dome reproduces even the smallest details and impresses with its spatial sound characteristics. The tweeter also fits perfectly into the original installation position. It is hidden behind the original grille and connected via the 12 dB/octave crossover in a robust housing by means of its precision connectors.