Cloud technology – which is facilitating communication and
remote working amid the present COVID-19 lockdown – is also the preferred choice for upskilling for the Indian developers, reveals a survey conducted by TechGig. The preference for Cloud overshadowed other new-age technologies as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The jobs of the future would require expertise in new-age niche skills, and upskilling is the only resolve for a long term career in technology. Hence certification programs are gaining popularity among the IT professionals.
Over 1,750 IT professionals participated in the TechGig’s ‘IT Certification Survey’, where around 78% of respondents belonged to the 25-30 years age bracket. More than 82% of respondents were already employed in the IT sector. About 55% of the survey respondents were freshers with 0-2 years of work experience.

Commenting on these findings, Sanjay Goyal, TimesJobs and TechGig said, “In today’s peculiar COVID-19 time, technology is the only thread which is holding the world together. From Cloud computing – which are assisting work-from-home to Artificial Intelligence – which is helping Banking, Retail and critical sectors run operations; and even Robotics – which is helping the front-line hospital staff; new-age technologies are helping the world
connect in the present time. The TechGig survey reveals that eagerness of Indian developers to upskill on these new-age technologies. Also, about 86% of people said that their career got a boost because of upskilling – which is an actual proof that employers prefer people skilled in these technologies”.

Here are the key takeaways from the survey –
IT certifications help boost career
More than 86% of the respondents had previously joined a certification program and said that their certification had boosted the career prospects.

Adoption of certification courses is on the rise
Over 90% of the respondents revealed that they are planning to have an IT certification soon. About 58% of people are more inclined to learn new and niche technologies rather than upskilling in a known one.

Deep understanding of technology is the biggest reason for certification
The TechGig survey revealed that the biggest reason for people to go for an IT certification is the willingness to deeply understand a modern-age technology. However, more than around 25% of people said that they want to take a certification to upskill and get ready for a better job.