Across geographies, E-commerce stores are losing customers due to inaccurate order delivery estimates, inefficient lost and damaged shipment handling, and complex returns process. Most e-commerce stores still depend on disjointed legacy systems to handle last-mile delivery disruptions. In contrast, AI-Powered algorithms of ShippingChimp offer real-time as well as predictive analytics into each and every order delivery.

ShippingChimp helps merchants reduce the number of “Where is my order calls/messages by providing a self-serving intuitive order tracking & dispute management portal.
Businesses can configure accurate order delivery estimates with ShippingChimp’s recommendation engine. Additionally, with predictive algorithms, it enables proactive delivery updates (including delays), single-click returns, and shipping cost analytics to reduce/optimize shipping spend.
Businesses can readily integrate their major eCommerce platforms, shipping carriers, CRM & order management systems to consolidate all data related to order and shipping carrier on a single platform

ShippingChimp empowers businesses to offer a memorable white-glove experience to their customers. Thus resulting in fierce customer loyalty and boosting sales.