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Today i am sharing with you some basics of Digital Marketing. So let’s start with website planning.

What is Internet?

Internet is network of network which connects million of computers together globally. Web servers are connected to each other and further they are connected to satellites. Internet is indeed connected through wire. They are connected to optic fiber cables. Web servers are connected to wire. They are running beneath the ocean or seas.

84% of internet is in accessible to common people. Mostly it is password protected. 16%is accessible to every one. It is born in around 1969.

What is web?

It is a way of accessing information over the medium of the internet. Web uses http protocol to transmit data over the internet. It also utilizes browser like Google chrome to access web document called web pages that are linked to each other via hyperlinks (provide example of hyperlinks).

http:// stands for hypertext transfer protocol (protocol are set of rules)

What is website?

A website is a collection of web pages (example of websites and explain web pages) and every web page have a unique URL.

Full form of URL is uniform resource locator.

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Step to website Planning

Identify the objective / Pages of your website
2. Pool those objective / pages under micro and macro activities.

3. Identify primary and secondary objective of website

4. Design blue prints.

5. Design raw blue prints.

6. Design final blue prints.

Planning: Design your website on a paper. Share with developer, he will do html code and prepare a website. So the now developer and I see the website. So question arise how to make website live on the internet.

The part of the internet which you are able to see is world wide web i.e. www.

How to make my website is a part of www so that every body can see my website. It is done by a process called web hosting.

Web Server

Web servers are physical things which can be as big as building or they have huge hard disk. Web server is an Internet server that responds to HTTP requests to deliver content and services.

Apache HTTP Server (most widely used).
2. Internet Information Services.

3. lighttpd.

4. Sun Java System Web Server.

5. Jigsaw Server.

Give example of restaurant

Have to choose name

Then have to choose space where we will open restaurant.

Then we put name of the restaurant on that place.

Domain name:

Domain name is the name of the URL.


.com commercial
2. .co.in commercial in India

3. .edu education

4..gov government

5. .org non profit organization

6. .info information

Registering your domain: Domain can be registered from domain registrars.

A domain name registrar is an organization or commercial entity that manages the reservation of Internet domain names.e.g. Go daddy, Big rock, Net4. in etc.

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