Koshymedia, a leading media production and recording studio is releasing a new track from talented musician Sabry Elkoshairy.

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Koshymedia, a recording studio and media production, is introducing a new track from ingenious musician Sabry Elkoshairy. The track is entitled “No More”. No More is a genius composition of Sabry Elkoshairy, an acclaimed music composer and songwriter. Sabry Elkoshairy is a well-known artist and respected musician. He is known for his original composition that brings oriental and western music in sync together.

No More lyric describes a story about someone who was deprived of his freedom because of lockdown and quarantine. He ain’t nobody now, he wants a job, he wants to make money, but he stayed positive and prayed. With the track, Sabry Elkoshairy questioned, Who are they just to control my whole life? Who are they? Who are they to decide what is wrong or right? What do they want? Is this my freedom because they take all that now? Every day feels like today.

The world today fights against the coronavirus pandemic. In every part of the world, they are locked down and quarantined without exception. Staying at home is our daily activity. People are suffering from joblessness and less money. Sabry Elkoshairy encourages people to stay positive and pray to God, although this quarantine is uncertain when it will end.

Previously, Sabry has also released his track titled “Corona the War”, featuring Fega on vocals. The track contributes to global awareness of a pandemic and raises awareness of the truth. Coronavirus hasn’t ended now, Sabry Elkoshairy has his own way to speak against this pandemic. He encouraged people to know the truth about this pandemic by releasing the tracks Corona the War and No more. With new track and support from Koshymedia, he hopes he’ll gain more listeners worldwide.

No More by Sabry Elkoshairy will be available soon on digital platforms. Stay tuned with Koshymedia to get the Sabry Elkoshairy’s exclusive release.

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Koshymedia is a leading media production and recording studio. The company has been composing various soulful music bringing oriental and western trends in sync together. Get ready for an exclusive track of Sabry Elkoshairy at http://www.koshymedia.com.

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Tim Pitchford Vocals

Hugo Bernart Guitars

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