IOT is a breakthrough in recent times. Internet of things gives you an option to integrate the hardware outputs to easily read software data. And can be integrated to do real-time data analysis and manipulations. This reduces the human to human and human to computer integration.

UbiBot’s IOT based Smart Agriculture helps to monitor environmental conditions, thus helping to get the best harvest in the season. The smart agriculture helps in monitoring the humidity of the soil, moisture in the air, temperature and much more. The WiFi thermometer helps in monitoring the temperature and other environmental parameters so that the business can take appropriate measures to fix the conditions. The automated monitoring equipment from UbiBot is built on IOT platform which helps in real-time observations, around the clock monitoring and much more.

The customers of UbiBot are greenhouse growing and belong to the major industry like a warehouse, cold chain, pharmaceutical industry, IT industry, production companies and museums. The UbiBot device is one with many metrics. It has a temperature sensor, Humidity sensor, Vibration Index sensor, Ambient light sensor, and external temperature sensor. The UbiBot device uses WiFi network and gives you secure access to the monitoring data from anywhere in the world. The Remote Temperature Monitoring via Internet has revolutionized the monitoring requirement and is used by industries across all verticals.

UbiBot devices can have an alert notification sent via many platform services like Email, SMS, spreadsheet and much more. The WiFi thermometer used by the devices can be used across many industries and home. For example, if you have an aquarium in your home then it is recommended to keep in between safe temperature. The UbiBot devices help in keeping in optimal condition.

About UbiBot

UbiBot is one of the renowned manufacturers of Remote Temperature Monitoring Via Internet and other superior quality sensors. They have robust architecture and are helping many top-notch companies with their monitoring needs. To know in details about the sensors and other products, feel free to visit our website.