Insurance, franchises, mileage – you have to pay attention to all the conditions of the Car Rental Orange, CA contract so that there are no surprises when returning it. Here are some practical tips.

There is no doubt that car rental is very practical on trips since it allows you the freedom to improvise and change plans. Whether it is the first time that you are going to rent a car, or if you have already done it many times on your trips, it is surely useful for you to review this information.

Choose the type of rental car:

In general, agencies usually have categories to catalog their rental cars. Take advantage of this to choose from, according to the needs of your trip. It is important to ask yourself in advance how your trip will be, to find the ideal Car Rental Orange County Airport at the best price.

In this way, a compact car is recommended to easily move around the city spending little fuel and parking easily. If you plan to travel many kilometers, a family car is ideal. And if you are many passengers, an SUV if it is a trip through the countryside … or even a luxury one if you want to treat yourself.

Vehicle Mileage:

Some offers have their trick: the mileage limit, which turns a low-cost Best Car Rental in Orange County, CA into a luxury one. To get an idea of the final price to pay, you must calculate the kilometers you plan to cover and add this surcharge.

The contract with the rent a car agency:

Very important: read the contract well before signing it. Make sure you understand well everything that is written and do not hesitate to ask to clarify any questions that arise. You have to be sure what is included and what is not. It is also important that you inform just in case if you plan to cross a border and drive through another country.

It is also necessary to check that no contracted extras are added (the most typical is the GPS), which will later charge you more.

Complimentary insurance:

Most agencies include third-party insurance which is mandatory, theft, and all-risk insurance. The trick? there is usually an exorbitant franchise, which can exceed $ 1,000, even $ 2,000, depending on the category of the car. This franchise can be reduced by purchasing additional insurance, also offered by the car rental Orange, CA agency.