From evolving food favorites to specialty artisanal craft cocktails, innovation sets this fast casual chain apart.

LAS VEGAS – Ori’Zaba’s is always looking for ways to bolster profitability for its owners and operators. One way this trendsetting Mexican restaurant chain creates new opportunities for franchisee growth is by keeping things fresh with updated menu offerings. The latest additions to the drink roster are a perfect example of how Ori’Zaba’s keeps expanding choices for consumers.

While Ori’Zaba’s is maintaining many traditional customer favorites on the list, the new drinks are completely on point. The restaurant chain is mixing in some seasonal drinks and new signature craft cocktails to appeal to guests’ desire for refreshing drinks that perfectly complement Ori’Zaba’s scratch-made Mexican food. Current hard and soft options include:

• ZabaRita®: With tequila sales up about 7 percent in 2019 according to Beverage Information and Insights Group, and margaritas a perennial favorite, Ori’Zaba’s puts a new spin on the classic with its Seasonal ZabaRita.
• Horchata: Like its scratch food, this traditional homemade Mexican sweet rice milk beverage is great paired with any authentic dish at Ori’Zaba’s.
• Mimosa Mango: Nothing says summer like mango! Ori’Zaba’s features Soleil’s carefully crafted fruity, flavorful cocktail as the go-to beverage for its boozy brunch Sundays.
• Two Chicks Margarita: This sparkling canned cocktail finishes with playful tanginess of lemon and lime for refreshing rehydration.
• Stok Cold Brew: Bold drinks brewed low and slow are perfect any time of day.
• Mexican Coke: What sets this popular variation of Coca Cola apart is the use of cane sugar for a more natural sweetness.
• Jarritos: These all-natural, fruit-flavored sodas from Mexico are authentic soft drink options.
• Tazo Tea: Unique black, green and herbal teas offer unexpected flavor blends that inspire.

By offering spirits at its restaurants, Ori’Zaba’s stands apart from other fast casual restaurants in the area. The offerings don’t just delight customers but owners and operators as well. That’s because whether customers purchase the drinks to complement a meal or enjoy separately, there’s a higher ROI with alcoholic beverages than food. The new drink menu is designed to capitalize on that fact.

“We’re passionate about constantly evolving and are excited to kick off summer with a number of refreshing new drink options,” said D.J. Wonnacott-Yahnke, Director of Consumer Product Management. “From twists on popular standards to fresh originals, these new drinks are another way Ori’Zaba’s thinks outside the box to help our franchisees stay ahead.”

These evolving menus are just one element of the franchise business’ unique model intended to help owners optimize their investment. Other aspects of the business that benefit franchisees include:

• A proven brand with longevity and mature business practices
• Authentic recipes and differentiated menu items that drive repeat customers
• Optimized financial, marketing and labor processes
• Vendor partnerships that provide the best product costs, sourcing and quality
• Comprehensive training, including Ori’Zaba’s University

To learn more about franchising opportunities with the company, call 952.388.4136, email adam ( @ ) zabas dot com or visit

About Ori’Zaba’s – Ori’Zaba’s is a fast casual Mexican restaurant chain whose mission is to feed the soul of every guest with old world Mexican flavors, made every day with care in our scratch kitchens, with the finest, freshest ingredients. Originating in Las Vegas in 2001, Ori’Zaba’s multiple locations can now be found throughout the city. To learn more, visit