Annie purchased an item from a website. This item had to be imported by the seller and as luck would have it, the item was delayed at the customs warehouse due to procedural wrangles.

As far as Annie was concerned, her purchase was not fulfilled because it failed to be delivered at her address on expected date. The seller begged her to grant a one-week extension which she did. Unfortunately for the seller, the customs officials were not in a helpful mood and the item continued to languish at the warehouse. Annie, unwilling to wait any longer, called Customer Support Staff and requested for a refund which; the seller instantly granted.

Most sellers would have argued that delays due to custom procedures are routine. Very few sellers would think “so whose fault is it? Why should the customer suffer the delay?”

Sometimes a package might go missing in transit. The seller needs to sort it out with the shipping agency using the sellers own time and not at the expense of the customer.

Every business has its risks and the business owners need to know and accept those risks before starting their venture. Once this is done, customer support and Ecommerce Support Services becomes easy and business success more assured.

If a customer was happy with the result, that customer is twice as likely to come back. This happens because a trust was built. The customer now knows that if things go bad, the seller via customer support, can be trusted to do the right thing. This in turn, spells business success. Let’s face it, unless the seller is totally incompetent, there will be just a few goods-returned or not-delivered incidents and these, are just not worth arguing over. Yes, there will probably be a small financial loss attached to such transactions but every business wanting to be successful, ought to have a budget for it.

Customer support means having a dedicated person or persons available 24 x 7 (or at least for the better part of the day), monitoring a chat window accessible to all customers and prospective customers.

We now live in a World where virtual services can be purchased near instantly. Take for instance; they provide as many virtual staff as you need. Just say what you need done and how much staff is needed. Of course, these virtual staff who could be your customer support staff would be sitting in a call centre half way across the World. But for all practical purposes, they could be sitting right next to you.

Having the correct customer support policy and adequate Online Bookkeeping customer support staff (based on your sales volume or nature of business), will go a long way in ensuring business success.

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