GetSavvi Health is a health insurance provider that has always been mindful about the health of South African people. Along with its existing services related to health, GetSavvi is now providing detailed updates of COVID-19 during this pandemic outbreak. By clicking on their COVID information hub, anyone can go through the updates to get aware of the situation in South Africa.

What do They Offer in Coronavirus Update Page?

Essential Update Links

  • GetSavvi Health provides a link for the latest updates of Coronavirus in the city of Cape Town.
  • Link for the service notifications so that people can easily view facility operation hours, COVID-19 guidelines and online and telephonic services.
  • Link to view COVID-19 regulations, during the lockdown.
  • Link to view a comprehensive summary of National Government Risk-adjusted Strategy.
  • Links to open information pages served by the National Government and the World Health Organisation.

COVID-19 Testing Norm

At the information hub from GetSavvi Health provides the criterion set in South Africa to test Coronavirus. They inform that, people need to test, if-

  • Someone is in the hospital and having coronavirus symptoms.
  • An individual is a healthcare professional and experiencing coronavirus symptoms.
  • Someone who is more than 55 years old experiences coronavirus symptoms and have other ailments like diabetes or hypertension.
  • A person is under 55 years with coronavirus symptoms while having any underlying condition.

Restrictions during Lockdown

The Government has introduced a list of regulations during the lockdown. GetSavvi Health in its information hub page updates the regulations. For instance, right now the country is going through Lockdown Level 3, which defines a list of dos and don’ts.

  • People can commute to and from the workplace.
  • Schools and other institutions for learning can reopen operations.
  • People can work out, but not in a group.
  • People can go to religious places.
  • The most important thing is that everyone needs to wear a mask, wash hands properly and stay distant from others.

Coronavirus Cases
In the information hub, GetSavvi Health keeps updating the number of coronavirus cases in the country. It updates the number of infected, as confirmed by the South African Department of Health. As per their update, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 is 4996.

Apart from this, one can get all coronavirus-related updates from the info hub offered by the GetSavvi Health. To know more, visit

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