Ever since the US flavor ban went into effect, Juul users have been trying to find a valid alternative for their favorite flavored pods. If you want the best Juul compatible pods on the market, refillable Blankz pods are the clear choice. With our pods, you can use your current Juul device along with your choice of e-liquids.

We designed the Blankz pod to not only replace Juul pods, we wanted to improve them. Using our pods means you can enjoy any vape flavor you want while being able to hold over 40% more e-liquid than a standard Juul pod. Unlike the Juul, our pods can be refilled in just a few seconds and can handle 2 to 3 refills before the coils burn and the pods will have to be thrown away. If you have been trying to find the best pods for your Juul pod compatible battery, just take a look at what our customers have been saying about our Blankz pods.

● Tharyn Whittington said “Best Pods – I’ve tried a few other pods and these do not leak at all. I’m excited I found these.”

● Steve said “Juul pods – Excellent quality. Easy to refill and the coil did not have any issues with burning or anything. Way better contacts than the actual Juul pods. I’ve been using them 3-4 refills each and so far, excellent.”

● Samantha Dial said “Always the best! – I only order blankz, better than juul themselves!”

● Nick said “Perfect! – Love these, they work as described and they’re super easy to fill. They also give a better pull than actual juul pods! No joke, recently purchased genuine juul and it was a noticeably worse hit, and this is coming from (formerly) Juul’s biggest fan. Blankz is awesome and grab some 55mg juice and it’s better than the old days. They also threw me a free disposable just cause they’re good people. Will continue to buy from here, can’t beat the value and quality!”

● Abbey said “Just what I was looking for! – I was sad when Juul stopped selling mango pods. So obviously I adapted and found empty pods to fill with mango juice. The pods I was getting were leaky, and would burn out within one sometimes two refills. I decided to try out these Blankz pods before throwing the Juul into the trash and trying a different vape. But these pods are perfect. Easy to use and I haven’t really had any issues with leakage. I’ve been using two juices together too.”

So if you have been considering getting rid of your Juul in favor of a new disposable vape system, don’t make the same mistake Abbey almost made. Don’t settle for pods that leak and burn quickly when there are better options. Check out www.BlankzPods.com to find the best Juul compatible pods to use with the Juul batteries you already have.