Selling wherever the customers are is the goal of all retailers. As a software manufacturer, plentymarkets offers an e-commerce solution that has exactly this philosophy at the core of its brand. One that supports all relevant marketplaces, and makes processes more efficient for everyone involved. Over the years, plentymarkets has become one of the innovation drivers among e-commerce ERP providers. Time and again, the development teams have presented groundbreaking features and market-oriented extensions. The latest development, the integration of PayPal dispute management, is a significant improvement for all online retailers who use PayPal as a payment method.

plentymarkets: the perfect workflow for every process
PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods for online sales. In most cases, there are no conflicts during the purchase process. Customers order, pay with PayPal, the goods are delivered, and both sides are satisfied. However, if there is a problem, handling dispute management is an important factor for quick and easy handling of the case. In order to handle these cases in a team, it was previously necessary to leave the plentymarket’s backend and log in to PayPal. This was more complex for the online retailer and caused an interruption in the workflow due to the change of systems. From May, PayPal dispute resolution will now be integrated directly into plentymarkets.

plentymarkets constantly optimises the customer’s existing processes, which includes its own modules as well as interfaces with external partners. The logical consequence of the willingness to question common e-commerce methods is new developments and processes that have made plentymarkets an exceptionally ergonomic system.

Aye Stephen, Product Owner of the OrderPayment division at plentysystems AG, makes it clear: “Our goal was to give customers real added value by integrating PayPal’s Disputes API. The question of which employees can be given the access data for the company PayPal account no longer arises. Our retailers have long wished for such a feature. When PayPal suggested that we use their new interface for this, we were immediately impressed by the possibilities.”

Efficient PayPal dispute management without changing the system
The central “Messenger” message module in plentymarkets now enables direct access to the PayPal dispute resolution message history. Many processes are thus possible directly in plentymarkets, such as responding to inquiries from buyers with dispute cases, providing tracking numbers or other evidence, or making repayments and partial repayments. All this works, thanks to the seamless integration, without having to log in again to the corresponding PayPal account. This means that information flows are bundled and managed centrally. If buyers and sellers cannot agree, PayPal can also be activated by the retailer directly in plentymarkets Messenger to manage the dispute. “The whole thing is fast, comfortable and intuitive to use”, confirms Marlon Franke, managing director of BK Service GmbH and longtime customer at plentymarkets, “for us at BK Service, the integration of the PayPal dispute solution offers three big advantages: Firstly, we have more control because the communication is centrally integrated into our leading ERP system. Secondly, we achieve greater efficiency thanks to this symbiosis of communication and function. Thirdly, all of this leads to a higher level of consistency, since the business processes are mapped without system breaks. All in all, great added value.”

Integration into the existing plentymarkets system? It’s super easy!
The PayPal dispute resolution is installed via a plug-in using the specially developed wizard. In the future, some helpful additions are planned for the new plug-in from PayPal and plentymarkets. All information about plentymarkets and the new plug-in can be found at