NLP short for Natural Language Processing is one of the major areas of Data Science. When it comes to text processing or when you send or receive some sort of data in any text format whether it is a mail or a message or anything else then just think about it that how you are going to apply machine learning on it. A lot of applications are using NLP like Apple Siri, Windows Cortona, Amazon Alex, etc.

In this blog we are going to cover :

Usage of NLP
Text Processing Approach
Convert Text document to vector form
Implementation using Python and NLTK
Usage of NLP
Let’s understand the use of NLP with the help of a few examples :

Gmail (Spam Classification)

When you receive a mail on Gmail then how Gmail finds out whether this mail will go to your inbox or the spam box.

Sentiment Analysis

When you watch a movie and review it on any website then how my machine learning model will predict that the review is positive or negative. This kind of feature is used on online shopping websites or Google Play Store. When we write a review for any product or an app then it is classified as positive or negative based on the text or words I have used in my review.

Similarly, Gmail keeps track of each mail that what sort of text or words are used. For example :


Chatbots have killed a lot of jobs and introduced a new way of tackling the customers. When you call at customer care centers than there are 90% chances that you will be talking to a chatbot rather than a human. With the help of chatbots, AI has become more powerful. Earlier it was a job of humans to listen to the complaints or queries and then process them and they took a salary for that. But now the same task is done by bots without any salary. A Lot of companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, or Facebook are using these kinds of chatbots.

So, these were the few examples of NLP that how companies are using this technique to process the text data and apply machine learning to it. We need to understand how to make our machines understand the text and convert it into vector form.

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