ELD Decentralized Exchange (DEX) to support the community, buy and sell ELD Token easily and transparently. With its rich features, it’s hoped it will help ELD grow very quickly in the near future.

In accordance with the ELD roadmap, that was announced in May 2020, ELD Decentralized Exchange (DEX), a part of Eth.Limited product is going to be launched soon. According to Eth.Limited team, the ELD Exchange will help cryptocurrency traders and token holders can easily own ELD Token, as well as trade the token realtime and transparently.

DEX (Decentralized Exchange) is popular in the decentralized finance world, alongside Lending and Derivatives. Decentralized exchanges pledge two major benefits: Security & control and global marketplace. Nowadays the number of DEX and user platforms is increasing. As a result, the Eth.Limited team aims to develop a separate Decentralized exchange which is considered as one of Eth.Limited goals. ELD Decentralized Exchange is scheduled to be launched next month.

Previously, Eth.Limited team announced its ELD wallet.  ELD wallet is a part of  Eth.Limited product and has many features. One of the features is Integrating many features. This feature allows the wallet Access to Decentralized Exchange (DEX), besides basic features, such as sending, receiving and storing coins / tokens. Integrating to DEX is one of the ultimate features that will be available on the ELD Wallet.

Using ELD Wallet is safe, free, quick, and easy. Users can use this wallet in real time for transfer and receive coins / tokens, removing time or location restrictions. ELD Wallet supports many other tokens / coins aside from ELD itself. The wallet also supports ETH, ETC, and ATOM.

The Eth.Limited team explained, “Eth.Limited is on the right path and planned. After the ELD Wallet App launch, the team will release the Decentralized exchange. ELD Decentralized exchange is being developed by the team now, and will be launched soon.”

About ELD (ETH.limiteD)

ETH.limiteD (ELD) is a one of the cryptocurrencies that use blockchain structure produced based on ERC20. There will be 1 billion ELD created and supplied. Following the launch of ELD Decentralized exchange (DEX), the operation in the DeFi ETH ecosystem will be more exciting, and it’s hoped the value of the native token ELD will increase. The  ELD Pre-sale price is $0,0328. For more information about ELD cryptocurrency and its roadmap schedule, please visit https://eth.limited/