Egypt Tours Club introduces a wide range of Cairo Full day Tour packages with exciting destinations. The African country has a lot more in it than the tour operators shall make you visit. At Egypt Tour Clubs, the locations are chosen based on antiquity and enchantment. Further, all the packages offered are guided which helps the travellers to experience hassle-free visits.
Indeed, Cairo Full day tours are one of the customized packages offered by us. Many packages are available but we recommend the day tours for increased visibility of the ancient monuments. Cairo is the city of modern blended with historical facts, the architectural style and the elegant atmosphere can be experienced to the fullest during the day.
Cairo Tours include most of the premium destinations that the world has never seen. You shall be amazed by the ancient wonders mixed with sheer modernity. At the same time, the day tours shall take you around the city of Cairo and you will have the chance to visit many destinations. The places that you can relish for a lifetime.
Cairo day tours have many things included. It is advised to the travellers to segment their visits so that they can spend a good amount of time in a particular destination. The tour packages include many locations, a few are for your display.
Pyramids of Giza: This is the prime location most of the travellers seek to visit. Despite the heat and dust, the ancient wonders are worth a watch. The tall Pyramids at various distances with eclectic design and precision can take you to the ancient world. Of course, the Solar Museum Boat which is behind the Great Pyramid will not be missed too. The Great Egyptian Museum which is bound to be open this year will be available for you to see. The exciting trip on the Camel’s back and the yellow colour of the sand with ancient marvels standing strong shall enchant you.
The Egyptian Museum: Few artefacts are transferred from this museum to the Great Egyptian Museum. However, it is worth a visit during the Cairo Excursions for its antiquities displayed. The Original Mummies and the Tutankhamun Galleries shall bring the dream to reality. How everybody is mummified and the gifts that are studded along shall make us understand how rich the Egyptian civilization was.
Al-Azhar Mosque: The oldest mosque and one of the oldest Universities in the world, Al -Azhar Mosque is a must-visit during the trip. During the Cairo Full day tour, it is suggested to the travellers to see and enjoy the architectural marvel which was constructed during 900AD. Right in the center of Cairo, this is one of the prime locations too.
Old Cairo:Cairo Full day tours include the unseen destinations of the Old Cairo. As everyone knows about the Pharaohs, the mummies, the mosques, it must be also known that the Romans had their pieces of architecture too. The hanging Church and the first mosque that was built in Egypt can never stop you from visiting again.
Egypt Tours Club is not only renowned in organizing Cairo Tours but also specialised in offering best-guided support. The support staff are the most amicable in the world. The customers are indeed delighted to stay with us for any trip that they are planning to undertake.
It is not only the professional behaviour of the staff but also their knowledge towards the place. We can offer you the best customized Cairo Tours package that you will never forget in your life. Most importantly, the price plans are far less than any of the operators in the region. The blend of quality with affordability makes us the best in the industry.