Golden’s Cast Iron has emerged as one of the best Cast Iron to be used for cooking. From a recent survey, it was found that people in the USA have been using Golden’s Cast Iron crazily for every event. They have found Golden’s Cast Iron as the best brand to be used for cooking in the backyard also they recently introduce cast iron kettlebells and dumbbells.
Here is some information regarding their brand new product-

There are usually 2 types of kettlebells
Cast iron kettlebells and
Competition Kettlebells
The cast iron kettlebells are made out of cast iron you know that stuff that you stake on. Then again I don’t think you would have worked out with your cast iron skillets, anyways, well because these are made out of cast iron the heavy obviously the heavier you go the bigger they are gonna be because you need to have more metal for it to weigh more so these are not hollowed they are just one solid block of cast iron so that’s why the size of them changes depending on how heavy they are.

On the other side there we have competition-style kettlebells. They remain the same size. Now why do they remain the same size?

They are made out of steel so the shell essentially they are made out of steel and it’s hollow inside because they are all the same size we have to fill them up with enough metal for them to know weight so that you can weigh them differently.

Difference between competition and cast iron kettlebells

Now all the weight of these competition style kettlebells is mainly top heavy meaning most of the mass of the kettlebell is within like the top portion of the actual kettelbell. So the competition kettlebell is relatively top-heavy.
And the cast iron kettlebells are relatively bottom-heavy just because it is a full solid block of cast iron.
Competition style kettlebells within their hollow shell they add a little bit more metal inside of it so that it weighs more. Unfortunately sometimes with these type of kettlebells, you have to be a little bit careful with them because if you drop them some of this weight can come loose and you will notice that the way you will start rattle within it so you will get a bit wear and tear in here and you know depending on how hard you drop it or how many times to drop them anyways.
Whereas cast iron kettlebells you can see a hole on them. The metal is poured in but it’s a part of the kettlebell so no matter how hard you drop this thing the metal won’t shake free and you don’t have to worry about the rattling or uneven weight distribution.

Features of Cast iron kettlebells
The cast iron kettlebells are completed with 100% cast iron. They are contracted with one solo piece of cast iron, which means there are no joints. Therefore you can find a brilliantly professional superiority and finish. They also have a compressed base for additional constancy and contemporary silver-colored exterior with the weight imprinted on the surface.
These are a great instrument for bodybuilding, weight lifting and are a key piece for any home gym.
Golden cast iron kettlebells have the smoothest grip. It feels the nicest in the hand. You may think that it’s the same as other brands that look exactly the same as this but golden cast iron kettlebells totally have a different coating that you have never come across before. it will definitely feel awesome when you grip them.
The quality and texture of the powder coat are perfect. The best powder coated kettlebells you have ever seen and played within your entire life. Not all kettlebells are created equal. Some of the handles are longer some of them are too big they don’t fit on the forearm and it can be a big turn off. But the golden cast iron kettlebells feels perfect. The grip, the texture, the handle to bail ratio is spot on.