Norwalk, Connecticut (webnewswire) June 23, 2020 – John M. Glover, a Connecticut business insurance broker, recently released a post educating their audience on what is E&O insurance. John M. Glover is the premier insurance agency in Fairfield county, providing superior customer service and quality insurance solutions since 1916. John M. Glover is rated 4.3 stars by over 25 customer reviews. Their team strives to make the insurance process as simple as possible and is constantly proving their reliability with each service provided.

Errors and Omissions insurance is a specific type of business insurance that provides coverage if a customer isn’t completely satisfied with a product or service. If a client holds you or your company responsible, you may be exposed to legal or settlement costs associated with the issue. E&O insurance covers all those costs, ensuring that any mistakes that were to happen are covered underneath the insurance umbrella. Even employees with years of experience make mistakes; no one is perfect. Don’t leave your company liable to costly damages and ensure protection with E&O insurance.

Certain professions that should definitely acquire E&O insurance may range, but most fall under categories that work directly with the public. Jobs such as notaries, real estate brokers, and architects are three positions where E&O insurance is highly suggested. Working to create a picture-perfect wedding can be a stressful feat. In order to ensure full protection against backlash for any wedding mishaps, wedding planners should greatly consider this insurance. The same can be said for attorneys. Angry clients who either lose a case or chose to settle in a manner they later deem unacceptable are potential for catastrophe.

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