Zhejiang Province, China- When it comes to decorating their home, most people tend to forget about the bathrooms and lavatory. However, you need to remember that these areas are still a representation of your home. For that reason, you should put just as much effort in these rooms as other areas of your home. In order for your bathroom décor to come together, you need to invest in wonderful bathroom faucets. This means that you need to visit a company that stocks various faucets and make a selection of the one that suit you. However, before you do that, you need to know the various types of faucets so that you don’t feel lost;

The center set faucet is one of the most common and simplest faucets. It comes in many designs and can suit any bathroom. It usually has two controls for the hot and cold water and a spout in the center. These pieces come as a single body and cannot be dismantled. If you are looking for a simple, clean and comfortable piece, this is one of the bathroom faucets that would be ideal for you. You should choose one which has the number of holes compatible to those on your sink.

Sometimes, depending on the architectural design of your house, you could have your plumbing fixtures secured into the walls of your home. In such a case, the best faucet for your bathroom would be a wall mounted faucet. It is secured on the plumbing in the wall. The best thing about this faucet is that it works great with both floating and non-floating sinks. This will allow you to vary the décor in your bathrooms and lavatories. Furthermore, it comes in many designs including a single handle faucet. Therefore, you can still achieve the aesthetic you are going for.

You can also get a single handle faucet for your bathroom. It can be mounted on the wall or even be fixed onto the sink. This type of faucet comes as one unit. It has a handle that controls the temperature if moved in either direction and a spout. The handle is usually transfixed right behind the spout. This faucet is quite easy to use and prevents crowding on your sink. All you need to do is get a plumber to fix it correctly for you so that you are able to get both hot and cold water. It’s a simple way to add elegance to your bathroom

If you want a spread faucet whose pieces are fixed together, you can opt for a bridge bathroom faucet. Both controls and the spout are mounted onto a surface a bit further from each other than traditional faucets. The spout is fixed on top of the sink and most times is usually slightly elongated. This classic faucet allows you to add elegance to your bathroom while still maintaining the comfortable look. Furthermore, it works in different bathrooms as it comes in various colors.

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