Blaauwberg Group is a meat wholesaler that was established over 40 years ago. With their several years of experience in the meat industry, the company has excelled and continued to grow thanks to their superior quality and Halal friendly meat products. Additionally, the company’s farm to store approach ensures the freshest meat products.

Blaauwberg Group has broken their company into many sectors to ensure full maximum effort from staff in the different departments of the company.

The Blaauwberg Meat Wholesale sector is completely devoted to supplying their many retailers, as well as procuring bulk orders for clients and retailers. Thanks to their very efficient team, there is always constant stock of a wide variety of meat products. All of which are kept in a completely hygienic and cold environment to ensure superior quality.

Blaauwberg Meat Specialties is their cold meat sector. Various cuts of meat are cured, smoked, and preserved using a diverse range of methods in this sector. The curing sector follows traditional German methods for ensuring superior quality smoked and cured meat products, such as salamis, bacon, ham and much more.

Additionally, Blaauwberg Group also allows their clients to make use of their cold storage facilities. Their cold storage facility, which is used to store meat at the correct temperature to prevent any contamination, is also serviced and regularly cleaned to ensure a safe and clean environment for various meat products.

Blaauwberg Group also sources some of their products from highly esteemed abattoirs, such as Karoo Lamb and Natural Namibian Meat Producers.

If you would like to learn more about Blaauwberg Group, or use any of their services, such as their cold storage, feedlot, specialty, or wholesale meat products, you can visit them on their official website:

About the Company:
Blaauwberg Group, which has been running for several years, is one of the best meat wholesalers in the Western Cape. With their multiple facilities, they are able to ensure that all their products retain their excellent-quality and freshness. The company exports all their grade A quality Karoo Lamb meat products throughout Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban. At Blaauwberg Group, client satisfaction is the top priority. Therefore, this is the main reason all their meat products boast a superior quality.

30 Stella Rd, Montague gardens
Cape Town, 7441, South Africa
Tel: 021 551 7711