Stratton Security is deemed as one of the Top Level Security Guard Services in Texas, as the company has entertained a good reputation in the past 25 years.

Stratton Security, one of Texas’s best security guard companies, has a good reputation record in the past 25 years in providing a wide range of security services in Texas. Stratton Security is a certified security company based in Carrollton, Texas. This private security company has 15 years of private security experience, 18 years of military expertise, 18 years in law enforcement, and 25 years of practice in hospitality and high-level management. With long years of experience in managing security companies, Stratton Security has been trusted by many businesses as well as property owners and event organizers in Texas.

Every business needs safety and security. Many companies provide professional security officers in Texas; one of them is Stratton Security. Stratton Security Officers are trained and focused on prevention. The company is able to provide customized security services that meet their client’s requirements. As one of the preventive measures of criminal activity, the officers and team can closely monitor suspicious activities, vandalism, disrupting behavior, etc. One of its main tasks is ensuring the security of the area all day and all night. They will monitor the site in 24 hours to ensure the safety and comfort of the clients.

“If you look for security service near me in Carrollton, TX, we ensure we are the right choice. With professional equipment and team, we also can ensure noise control, emergency response, or client management so that you are protected and safe,” said the company Manager.

With 18 years of military training experience, Stratton Security has a privilege to offer its clients an armed protection at all times. Its armed security guard personnel is ready to serve its clients in many locations and conditions. The company can locate its officers in the following locations, including supermarkets, entertainment facilities, financial institutions, construction sites, hotels, apartments, warehouses, auto dealerships, corporate institutions, and many more.

About Stratton Security

Stratton Security is a certified security guard services based in Carrollton, TX. The company offers armed and unarmed officers, patrol services, and off-duty officers. The company trained its officers with standard officers training, specialized range training, and commissioned courses approved by the state. Its service areas include Dallas, Plano, Allen, Frisco, Mc Kinney, and Fort Worth. For more information, please visit


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