Goldens’ Cast Iron introduces cast iron kettlebells and dumbbells. Here are some facts regarding their contemporary product- These cast iron dumbbells are about 120 pounds and if you think about 240 pounds for both of them but they don’t come as a set, you have to buy one, and it’s pretty 120 pounds but you have got 25 kilograms and you can start at 2.5. You probably pay more for that if you wanted dumbbells pushed. You would still have to buy two sets. But yes you are looking at about 240 pounds for both.

How to use cast iron dumbbells
If we just pick up the weight without anything on it. We just press the button and take it out. The weight is 2.5 kilograms so that’s we’ve no rights on. It’s a really easy click button. You dial the weight that you want and then you pick it up. So if we want 7.5 we just press the button click it.

If you are using dumbbells other than cast iron dumbbells you can see the issue they are quite big and if you are a pretty small framed person it can be difficult at first. If you get two dumbbells in the air you can see the problem they are too big of a unit when it comes to being the width of them. And if you want to do curls they are awfully big.
But a cast iron dumbbell is easy to use, space-saving, you can move it easily, it is very compact, and you will get the full range of motion, durable.

EASY USE & STORAGE: it will just take seconds to assemble and take out. Compact, convenient, and easy to use and store.

Cast iron dumbbells are strong and robust. It has spinlock collars which make it quick and easy to increase and decrease the weight. If you want to buy additional fitness discs you can purchase that separately for extra customization.

Product features: it has its traditional design with heavy-duty cast-iron discs. It also has rubber-edged anti-slip spinlock collars and a strong chrome spinlock bar. For comfortable lifting, it has a knurled anti-slip hand grip.

Supplied with a workout chart Weightlifting techniques:- To get the most out of your workout you must be using the correct weight. If the dumbbells are too light, simply unscrew the spinlock collar and increase the load to some extent by adding up another disc.
You should still be in charge of the weight and your form should still be accurate. Do not bend your back, hurt your neck, or swing your body to generate momentum as this can be the reason of your injury.

Perfecting your breathing techniques when you’re working out is also vital, helping your body to deliver oxygen to your muscles more efficiently. For strength training, exhale on the exertion phase of the exercise and inhale on the easier phase when you return to the starting position. Proper breathing can also help you to construct stamina and ensure good shape. Dumbbells can be used for aiming all areas of the body to make it healthy and shaped.