If the person is right-handed, the user will normally be on the right side, but let them try and decide which side is more comfortable.

If you have a weaker leg than the other for some reason, there are two currents of opinion, carry the cane or crutch on the same side as the weaker leg or carry it on the opposite side.

The measure of the cane or crutch:

It is important that the technical aid for walking that we choose is well adjusted. If it is too short, the person will tend to lean her body to the side where she rests thus jeopardizing her balance and if it is too long she will not be able to carry the weight properly.

The correct measurement of a cane is the distance from the wrist to the ground, bearing in mind that the person must be wearing their usual shoe.

The arm should be hanging but relaxed, it should not be stretched down, in this way the elbow maintains a slight flexion of 15-20o.

If we are going to use crutches, the height of the handle should be the same as for a cane and the forearm support should be about 5cm. below the elbow.

The use of crunch:

In this way, when starting the step, we will teach our family member or patient to advance the cane or crutch first, between 10 and 20 cm., Depending on the height of the person and their ability to move.

If one of the two legs is weaker than the other, at the same time that the cane is advanced, the weaker leg must be advanced, in this way we unload the weight on that leg and make it fall on the cane.

Then the other leg is advanced in front of the first and the cane and thus we will have completed a walking cycle. Now to repeat until you get fluent

If both legs have the same strength, let the person decide which is the most comfortable way to walk or lean, always maintaining the cycle of supporting the cane while supporting one of the legs.

If during the walk you find yourself in the need to go up or downstairs or steep slopes, ask him before entering them if they are in the mood to do it alone. If they say yes, go ahead, always with more attention and caution.

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