By, Abhishek Joshi, Social Entrepreneur

The end of the year passed by showed the ugliest of the disasters that people on this earth could have witnessed in their lifetime. COVID 2019, the pandemic that silently spread its grip all over the world, literally paralyzing human civilization, forcing the lives and livelihood of the people to stand still. The businesses across the globe are suffering an irreparable damage, with a very little sign of recovery.
In a diverse economy like that of India, thousands upon thousands of the workforce, who had left their native places to earn a living for their families are bound to reverse-migrate as there is no hope of employment and earning in the near future. There is an inhomogeneous chaos created, increasing the pressure at the base of the pyramid, calling for urgent attention. On the other hand, the affluent markets have lost the most essential parameter – quality manpower for which the business could keep on going and India can be back on track again.

Long before in 2002 what Management Guru C K Prahallad had said in his article published in the business journal “Strategy+Business”, comes perfectly fitting to the present scenario of unprecedented crisis. The bottom of the pyramid, which is symbolic to a larger section of the population residing in the peri-urban to rural community has greater potential to offer a much conducive work environment. The Uttarakhand city of Pithoragarh is a perfect example offering quality, educated, skilled manpower, easy reachability and a soothing work environment for businesses of all size and scale. Hence, it is high time, we need to reap the fortune lying at the bottom of the pyramid.
To site one realistic example, Pithoragarh in the Indian state of Uttarakhand is already standing as an ideal destination to shift the base so that the businesses can revive again and existing educated, unemployed youth as well as the reverse-migrated can be easily absorbed. With a well thought out operating strategy and optimum utilization of resources, this is very much possible to achieve the outcome. We just need to think well, act soon and faster.

Author: Abhishek Joshi, Management Consultant turned Social Entrepreneur.