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Welcome to roof repair companies in London, We provide emergency roof repairs for leaking or weather damaged roofing. Get the emergency roof repairs service in London. Contact us now – 0800 535 3597
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Over 25 years in the trade, providing roof services like no other.
With no call out charge for emergency roof repairs,
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Roof Repairs
Emergency Roof Repairs
Roof Repairs are available to provide 24/7 emergency roof repairs. We are one of Londons leading roof repair companies with over 25 years of experience. Over the years, we have built a reputation for delivering affordable emergency roof repairs quickly and to an extremely high standard Emergency Roof RepairsFlat Roof Repairs
Because of their orientation, flat roofs are more prone to water pooling, leaks, rippling, and other issues. These…
New Roof Tiling & Slating
Tiles and slated roofs are extremely durable and can be easily repaired as individual tiles and slates…
Roof Repairs
Roof Repairs only uses high-quality products from leading manufactures and are not restricted to…
Flat Roof Installation
We can provide professionally installed flat roofs available in a variety of colours. Our flat roofs are ideal for…
Roof Services
Chimneys & Leadwork
Flat roofs are now a hugely popular solution alternative due to the lower costs compared to a traditional pitched roof.
Gutters, Fascias & Soffits
We can help by performing an annual roof survey, which assesses the condition of your UPVC guttering…
Roof Sealant & Coating
It can be applied across an existing painted roof to give it an as-new look and extend the lifespan of the paint…
Commercial Roofing
Industrial Commercial
Having a sound roof is an essential part of protecting your industrial property and maintaining its value…
Proper roof maintenance is essential when it comes to industrial buildings like factories, warehouses, laboratories, storage depots, and manufacturing plants. Roof maintenance ensures helps the building retain its structural integrity, protecting occupants and any assets that the building containsIndustrial repair or full commercial roof
replacements made easy by Roof Repairs.
Having a leaky roof can cause long-term damage to industrial buildings, rotting timbers and destroying internal components of the building. Water ingress can also damage machinery, products, and infrastructure inside the building. Roof Repairs London
Unfortunately, many businesses will spend time and money on an internal refurbishment while neglecting the condition of their roof. As a result, the unpredictable British weather damages the building and the objects it contains because water eventually penetrates the building via the roof. Having a sound roof is an essential part of protecting your industrial property and maintaining its value.
Our company offers a range of roof refurbishment options to suit your budget and match the technical requirements of your industrial building. Our industrial roofing services include: Roof Repairs London
Industrial Flat Roofs
We can repair, overlay, seal or replace industrial flat roofs
Installing Roof Lights
Roof lights are a wonderful addition to an industrial building. They can make the building a more comfortable environment, reduce energy costs, and improve the value of your property.
Insulation Installation
Having plenty of insulation in your industrial building reduces heating costs, bolsters productivity, and improves ventilation
Industrial Flat Roof Installation
If you need a new roof installed or an old one completely replaced, we can help
Asbestos Roof Replacement
Older industrial buildings often contain asbestos insulation, tiles, or sheeting. Our team can safely remove this material and install a new roof.
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