Gold Coast, Queensland, June 23, 2020: Adventure Respite is a team of passionate autism support workers that offer Eco-therapy to children diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum. Currently located on the Gold Coast, Queensland in Australia, the company which carries professionals of diverse training and backgrounds, uses autism respite as their prime therapeutic technique marketed and designed for families with an ASD child.

Business founder Ben Dimmock says – “Our mission is to improve behavior through the development of active and meaningful hobbies, offering relief for families suffering from carer stress and helping families achieve better routines and more stable lifestyles. Build your confidence with one of our skills-based programs or join one of our social groups for some fun! Our team has lots of experience working with people with physical disabilities, autism, or other additional support needs and can help you get the most out of your choice of activity”.

The company extends an invitation to all clients to escape and find relief in a variety of eco-based activities. These include but are not limited to animal therapy, horticulture therapy, forest bathing, swimming, hiking, and nature walks. The skills and benefits of these activities include greater strength, agility, and fitness of the body, increased mindfulness, decreased anxiety, stress reduction, and increased mental stability. Eco-therapy sessions take place with children in a safe space with autism support workers, allowing for primary caregivers such as mothers and fathers to take personal time for themselves to run errands, take part in recreational activities, attend appointments or take care of business engagements. This is the fundamental design of an autism respite program. Using eco-therapy to engage children during this allotted time ensures that both children and parents reap benefits. The company firmly believes in early intervention services for children on the spectrum as being of high and utter importance. Their evidence-based approach to therapy combined with their care, compassion, and sincerity makes for an environment that successfully impacts a child in need of such attention.
Eco-Therapy activities are not offered in every country. With this service now being offered on the Gold Coast, many improvements in the lives of the ASD population there are set to benefit and thrive. Eco-therapy takes on a mind, body, and soul approach and has been proved to fill in gaps that traditional therapy such as speech, language, behavioral, and occupational therapy do not target or address. Eco-therapy has benefits that cater especially to the mental stability of an individual. The mental stability of persons on the spectrum is one of great fluidity, often ranging from calm then frustrated in a matter of minutes. Decompression via outdoor therapy is not just a relaxation technique but also one that translates into daily routine, often showing its benefits long after a hike or swimming session is over. Nature therapy also is proven to shed light on issues a child may be internally grappling with. One such example is the reflection of emotions that occurs during animal therapy. The interaction between an animal and a child is said to result in a therapist being able to pin-point emotions that have been long suppressed and untreated. Adventure Respite offers a quality therapy experience that has tangible and yet priceless value. The services they offer are available to all who qualify for their programs. Adventure Respite is also on the NDIS program, making its services accessible to those registered with the insurance scheme.