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Amidst the busy lives that we all lead, taking a weekend off with your girlfriends is what we all wish for. While weekend girl’s trips are amazing, planning for one can lead to debates and arguments. Picking the right destination can be a chore, which is why we have your back! Here’s a list of all the beautiful locations around the world that you can go with your girls! Have you picked a location? Then, check out a few of our custom t-shirt ideas to make your trip memorable.

1. Bali, Indonesia
Bali, the island on the Indonesian archipelago is a perfect weekend destination. With its beautiful beaches and varied topographies, this island is a sight to behold. Bali is known for entertaining water sports and historic temples to visit. When you are in Bali, take a chance to go and visit the Nusa Penida islands.

2. Hawaii
Yet another island and a perfect spot to destress, Hawaii is a place for people with all kinds of interests to enjoy. If you want to go surfing or roam around seeing the volcanoes, Hawaii has something for you. If you want to stay in and spend your time at a resort, this is just the place!

3. Pattaya, Thailand
Yet another resort city that allows tourists to unwind and relax. Spend your weekend at the beach and bath under the Thai sun. Pattaya is also known for its extraordinarily relaxing massages which are available to various price ranges all over the city. Thailand is known as the land of smiles, and people will meet you with a welcoming bright smile.

4. Bath, UK
When in the UK bath like the Romans? Though an unusual location, Bath is in the UK and is known for its ancient bathing houses built by the Romans. This is a perfect place to spend the weekend with your girls and enjoy the luxurious public baths.

5. Miami, Florida
Miami is a city that experiences springtime all year round. This place is amazing if your group consists of art lovers and also wishes to relax and enjoy it. Miami has shows and cultural events that you can attend and obtain a very unique experience. Clubs, beaches, and bowling alleys name it, Miami will give it to you.

6. Paris, France
Though a slightly pricier destination France is for those who love good food, art, and culture. Paris is known as a destination that is frequented by lovers, however, it would be a perfect place to strengthen the bond between you and your girls. With some of the most iconic historical monuments, bakeries with mouthwatering delights, Paris is perfect for your weekend girl’s trip.

Make Your Weekend Better With Custom T-shirts-
Now that you have decided on where you want to go with your girlfriends, here are some custom t-shirt ideas that will make your weekend all the more memorable. These are just a few ideas that will guide you through creating a custom t-shirt, there’s so much more you can do with a bit of imagination.

We Are Trouble Together-
The “We are trouble together” t-shirt will describe your group to the world. When you are on a weekend trip and are up to no good, this is just the t-shirt you need! You can create variations on this phrase with lines like “We are up to no good”, “Trouble makers” and so on.

Group Therapy In Session-
Weekend Girls trips are a perfect opportunity to relax and let go of all the stress that you’ve accumulated. A weekend trip is nothing short of therapy which is why you should put that on a t-shirt and let everyone know! When you get a chance to set aside your worries and clear your head, don’t miss an opportunity to show that off!

Be Proud of Your Designation-
In a group, each person has a unique role to play. You may be the troublemaker, the loud one or the nerd, do not shy away from putting your designation on the t-shirt. Let your group’s t-shirts say things like “the loud one”, “the funny one”, “the wild one” or any other role that you play. This way, each girl in your group would feel unique and loved.

Keep Your Promises-
When you are going for a girl’s weekend trip, each person must take up responsibility and stick with it to ensure that the trip goes smoothly. Sharing the responsibility that you undertake makes for a very cool idea for a custom t-shirt even if it is completely reckless. Put what you’ll bring to the trip on the t-shirt such as “I’ll bring more Alcohol”, “I’ll bring bad decisions” so on.

Yet another amazing way to customize t-shirts is by creating caricatures of your gang and printing them onto a t-shirt. This is a unique way to create a cool design for your weekend trip and stay artistic while doing so.

A girl’s weekend trip is a great way to spend some time with your girls. Make it even more special by creating custom t-shirts for your gang with the help of designers at