Most of the time, the tragedy involving death or serious mental illness often leaves people unaware. It is important that everything is kept in place to avoid confusion and chaos regarding how to distribute a person’s estate after death.

While you are alive and well, you need to plan your affairs to prevent the previous tragedy. You need to process things like wills, estate taxes, business delivery, and get various other legal documents.

Consequently, you need to hire the services of an experienced Estate Planning Attorney California, if you want them done stress-free. Those who have done this know that it is much cheaper to hire lawyers to manage their assets than to eventually have debts and court cases that will make you lose more money.

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Avoid the probate process:

Make sure that someone you trust manages your estate for the benefit of you and your family if the day comes when you cannot, establishing the way in which it must be followed.

You indicate the time when certain assets will be transferred and to whom, either while you are alive, in the event of death or at a set time after death.

You can generally revoke (you can make modifications to the trust) if you have the capacity.

The decision of whether to prepare a will or trust depends on several factors.

Wills are cheaper in the short term but a will does not prevent probate so the distribution of assets would be under the supervision of a state court and that’s when it becomes more expensive.

The will is fully public while the trust is private and very difficult to challenge.

A trust avoids probate judgment and the court’s involvement in the distribution of assets.

Also, the trust can continue to exist after the death of the creator until his heirs are of legal age.

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