Are you looking for an online store that prioritises comfort and natural foot development when manufacturing shoes for babies and toddlers? Shooshoos is a Cape Town-based manufacturer and supplier that believes your little one’s shoes should be equal parts functional and magical. The shoes they manufacture are more than a simple pair of shoes, they are companions to your little one’s feet when going on adventures, as well as the soldiers protecting their feet from injury. In short, your baby or toddler’s shoes should encourage their curious minds and give them the confidence to move from point A to point B, under mommy or daddy’s supervision of course.

So, what makes Shooshoos the top manufacturer in South Africa? Well, not only has the company been in the industry since 1996, but they also manufacture all their baby and toddler shoes with all important considerations in mind. These include the fact that the baby shoes need to have a wide toe box, non-slip soles, and be manufactured using lightweight, non-toxic, breathable materials.

The company’s product offerings:

1. Baby shoes:
While your new-born baby might not need shoes, it’s important that they have the necessary protection once they start to crawl or cruise around the house holding onto the couches or coffee table. Shooshoos supplies a wide variety of baby shoes, ranging from baby ballet shoes to baby booties.

2. Toddler shoes:
Toddler shoes need to be more supportive, as this is the stage where your little one will be far more active. Luckily, Shooshoos designs and manufactures all their shoes with natural foot development, protection and style in mind. Their products range from Mary Jane pumps to toddler sandals.

3. Face masks:
In these uncertain times, it’s important your little one is protected too. While there are several different face masks available on the market, there are very few that will be small enough for your kiddie’s tiny face. Shooshoos, however, supplies several stylish and protective face masks for your baby.

For more information on why Shooshoos is the leading baby and toddler shoe manufacturer in South Africa, to browse through the company’s extensive product range or to start purchasing shoes for your little one now, visit their official website at

About the Company:
Shooshoos, established in Cape Town in 1996, is a baby and toddler shoe manufacturer. The company understands that a baby’s shoe should be equal parts functional and magical. Therefore, all their product offerings offer optimal comfortability, as well as come in several stylish designs.