Accountability Group (Pty) Ltd. is an online credit bureau that offers a wide array of credit and debt management services. The company was established over 15 years ago and is located in Cape Town, South Africa. The company is broken up into two sectors to ensure maximum efficiency on their side, so clients are never left in the dark. Accountability Group and Accountability Solutions are the two sectors that form part of Accountability.

Accountability Group is their online Credit Bureau that is registered with the National Credit Act, which is a requirement for all accounting firms in South Africa. Accountability Solutions is the online credit and debt management services sector. Since Accountability is an online credit bureau, you need to become a member to utilise their stellar services.

The company’s online login portal is highly secure and gives members a more secure feeling when using the Accountability online portal. There are also several benefits one can reap from using an online Credit Bureau, one of the most obvious being that one is able to login whenever required, without having to get into one’s car and physically go somewhere. Apart from that, Accountability also offers their members several other benefits.

Accountability Group and Accountability Solution services can be used in any business, from big corporations to small start-ups. You can utilise Accountability’s services to take back the control of your financial sector of your business and ensure you never run into any financial problems again.

If you would like to run the financial sector of your business safely and efficiently, use any of the services provided by Accountability or if you would like more information on the many different debt and credit management services offered by the company, visit their official website and become a member today –

About the Company
Accountability Solutions (Pty) Ltd was established over 15 years ago by two founders, who were tired of having to deal with complicated Credit Bureaus. The company is an online credit and debt management portal that offers a wide array of credit and debt management services. Following the success of Accountability Solutions (Pty) Ltd., another sector of the business was established – Accountability Group (Pty) Ltd. Accountability Group is an online Credit Bureau that works in cohesion with Accountability Solutions, to ensure their clients are protected on every aspect of their financial sector.

29 Bella Rosa Street, Rosenpark, Bellville
Cape Town, 7530, Western Cape, South Africa
Tel: 0861909090