’s Young Entrepreneurs Club has expanded the capabilities of her “Project Impact” small business development program. Project Impact was recently launched to let small business owners discover more growth options within minutes. Now, entrepreneurs, as well as organizations who are looking to increase their revenue, can benefit from the flexible nature of Project Impact by taking easy steps to find new profitable customers for their organizations.

Benefits realized from Project Impact include learning to focus on key areas of one’s business, being able to gain new perspective on one’s current activities and discovering a simple way to determine if one is on the right track. The first stage of the business development process helps to find the right solution while the second stage builds a unique solution that works for each business without forcing anyone into a one-size-fits-all mould.

“Most small businesses do not set growth goals,” says Young Entrepreneurs Club director Engr. Winston C. Ikekeonwu in Jos, Nigeria. “By focusing on just barely surviving and paying bills, many business owners shoot themselves in the foot and end up closing doors sooner than later. That’s why 4 out of every 5 new businesses ends up closing down within their first 5 years.”

Ikekeonwu notes that “while most business owners think they can’t find more capital to grow, what they really
need is to find practical ways to make better use of the resources they have to generate the capital they need”.

That’s why Ikekeonwu and his team recently launched
“Project Impact”, a business development service which allows
anyone with a small business growth problem to connect with experts to help – at no upfront charge.

In just a few minutes, “a specific step-by-step action plan is developed,” says Ikekeonwu. “Thankfully, most growth problems faced by small businesses can be solved with a few simple tweaks that don’t require any high-sounding technical jargon.”

Business owners who are interested in finding out the free business development support they are eligible for in AlignAcademy’s Young Entrepreneurs Club should contact Engr Winston C Ikekeonwu at

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