ADELAIDE BOOKS is proud to offer the latest work by M. Conway Dorsey Lower Reaches of the River hitting stores everywhere on April 14th, 2020.

Dorsey spins a tale of exploration out of a vision of reality in which emptiness stands at the center. Like the story’s characters, the reader is called upon to undertake a re-creation of self and to acknowledge natural magic found in our daily experience.
The language of birds, scarecrows come to life, and encrypted maps on the roadside are among the imaginative visions that Adley Reynaud fabricates and filters through the warped lens of his inventive mind.
He is high functioning, yet mentally afflicted young man, with a narrow band of extraordinary savant-like perceptive abilities. Adley renders the southern tidal marshland through the prism of his mind into an array of colorful visions embroidered with his refracted enhancements.

M. Conway Dorsey is originally from South Louisiana, a place of lowlands, sugarcane, big lakes, oil fields, and voodoo. He holds a degree in Arts and Sciences from Louisiana State University where he also attended Law School. Over the years, inspired by the transformative power of literature, he has published several short works of fiction in literary journals. His long abiding passion for poetry and fiction resulted in the novel Lower Reaches of the River.

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