Your mobile phone never leaves you and you want to best equip it to arm it in the face of life accidents? offers various of cell phone accessories at affordable prices, such as tempered glass, phone case, USB cable, and more to support your daily basis. The recommended product is anti-blue light tempered glass screen protector, which filters the visible blue light with harmful high energy emitted by your screen thanks to the protective layer Eyesafe, and maintains the color performance of your device’s screen.
Why choose anti blue light tempered glass to protect your smartphone screen?
Here are the reasons as following.

* Anti blue light tempered glass could protect your phone from damage and scratches, also could protect your eyes from the harmful blue light emitted by your screen, through the the protective layer. If broken, the glass breaks into small, non-sharp pieces, making it safer than other glass products. So it’s a very good investment.
* the anti-blue light is with 9H hardness, which is the highest level for a screen protection glass. Even sharp objects like knives and keys will not scratch it. Moreover by using glass, the visibility and sharpness of your screen will always be there.
* The installation of the anti-blue light tempered glass will not alter the rendering of the image quality of your smartphone screen.They are very thin (0.3mm) and have a very strong adhesion.
* The glass protector does not affect the touch screen sensitivity of your phone. It keeps all its precision. Application without air bubbles and extremely easy.
* The screen protector are specially designed for each brand, their cut is adjusted to the nearest millimeter. They have recesses which make it possible to bypass these zones, like the microphone, the camera, the sensors.
* To ensure normal use, the glass film has an oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprints and makes the film easy to clean.
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