The customer-centric approach has made it quite difficult for brands to monitor what each and every customer has to say about them. Social media has brought everyone to each other, that customers have become equivocal about products or services they consume on a regular basis. The pandemic has sent out a clear message of Digital transformation to all the businesses on the globe from banks to education.

Along with investing in huge finances to set up a strong online presence, businesses need a healthy reputation management system in place. It has become so important that just because a handful of users voice out their opinions and a business loses its reputation, that took years to build.
This is where we as an agency come into the picture. Allowing businesses to focus on their product or services and let us manage their worthy reputation is the key to everyone’s success. Online Reputation Manage brings Business Reputation Management services to make sure your business makes a mark in the competitive landscape with its reputation.

Our offerings
We are planning to tap into potential customers/clients with two types of subscription-based models to ensure that they are secured from future threats and a strong brand building is done.

The Silver Plan i.e. the silver plan starts at $199 per year. It is an amalgamation of social media management, management of negative online content, organizing custom domains, review generation, hashtag discovery, and 24/7 monitoring. With Online Reputation Manage, you will get access to support team agents and shared account managers. Furthermore, you can avail insightful monthly reports, instant coverage, and round the clock customer support on email and chat. All these features come with limited access and can be easily upgraded to avail the premium plan.

The Gold Plan i.e. the gold plan can be availed by clients at just $399 per year. It contains the basic features plus additional benefits. It covers services like removal of negative links from the top three pages, social media management, additional hashtag discovery, review management, and 24/7 monitoring. You can get access to the customer support team via phone, email and chat and enjoy the perks of having a dedicated account manager. Furthermore, you get monthly reports to decide the future roadmap, sentiment analysis and competitor analysis to strategise your reputation accordingly. Clients can get easy access to upgrade to additional features and shield their reputation.

We also offer customized services to brands where our experts work closely with them to understand the requirement and set the goal for the projects.
“We asked some digitally strong brands on how important ORM is for them?
About 97% of the brands agreed on losing 22% of their business when a potential customer found negative content associated with them.” says Shruti, Co-founder at Online Reputation Manage.

It generally requires 3-6 months of hard work to eliminate the negatives and build positive content via social media after which Google takes another 2-3 weeks to identify the sites and starts ranking them higher in the search results. Hence, online reputation management is a long term process as it deals with the most important aspect i.e. reputation.
“Once the models are suggested and the user is acquired, brands can leave it to our experts to handle and monitor their reputation sensibly,” says Shruti, Co-founder at Online Reputation Manage.

Our agency is flexible in terms of packages that we provide to our users and so they can easily upgrade or downgrade their subscription plans by coordinating with our experts in terms of setting up new objectives and the roadmap to achieve them.

“We have designed the package of services at our company in such a manner that it acts as insurance to our client’s reputation. Online Reputation Manage believes in perfection and complete inclusion, and this is where business owners and individuals can make the most out of the proactive measures to achieve set goals.” says, Shruti, Co-founder at Online Reputation Manage.

These packages are designed for business and personalities who have a positive or neutral reputation over the internet. Businesses who have a negative or bad reputation over the web, have to take a customized package. Our target audience is major brands, small scale organizations, celebrities, and high profile individuals.

The underlying purpose of this solution is to help businesses and individuals maintain a positive online reputation via a realistic crisis management plan that is ready on the go as soon as a reputation crisis hits. Business view crisis management as a contingency plan to deal with issues at the last minute contrary to Online Reputation Manage, where we highlight the crisis before they occur and try providing relevant solutions.
“We have always followed a positive approach while responding to negative comments, as they are an opportunity for brands to talk to customers, understand the needs, and identify common problems associated with a brand’s product or service. Hence, we are reluctant in eliminating all negative reviews to make your brand stronger,” says Shruti, Co-founder at Online Reputation Manage.

Brands are quite focusing on agile ways of taking up things that can really mean something to their reputation. Here’s where we as an agency believe the same and provide easy access to them for signing up packages hassle-free via just an official email or chat. Online Reputation Manage occupies a prominent place in the realm of online reputation management. With years of experience, the professional team of the experts at Online Reputation Manage has mastered the complicated online landscape because of which we are clocking around decent revenues since our start in 2017. For years, Online Reputation Manage has been helping businesses from Fortune 500, and individuals maintain and/or restore online reputation through modern tech-oriented solutions with an aim to improve our business by four times with the recent era of digital transformation.

Business and individuals can now integrate various networking platforms with modifications to improve their online presence. It is a business strategy that is bound to work for every industry professional. Practically, the response mechanism is the amalgamation of various internet based services from conceptualization, strategy building to execution. Our services include digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, mobile app marketing, content marketing, lead generation, review management and web designing. We also help brands and individuals tackle and come out of a crisis with our best crisis management services.

“We Are The Best Online Reputation Management Company that is launching two affordable plans, we are now planning to capture the International Market which has a high demand for this service” Shruti – Co-Founder at Online Reputation Manage.