There are several portable devices that work with the DC-DC converter function. They can efficiently generate a different voltage supply for sub-blocks within the same board. These typical system boards can be used broadly and can easily contain many switching converters. There are multiple DC-DC converters provided by several suppliers. These converters range from tiny parts with no external components to larger parts with multiple external components for proper operation.

Choosing the right converter for a given application involves studying the basics, performance, and optional metrics. We at HVM technology is the leading manufacturer of miniature high voltage products used in today’s most advanced equipment. We are experts in high voltage miniaturization and helps us to better serve our customers. We supply products for a variety of applications like the military, aerospace, scientific, and analytical fields. We have been in the market since 2004 and has specialized in DC-DC converters and 12V to 15V, converters for night vision, and image intensifiers. We are a world-class manufacturer of miniature high voltage products and are dedicated to providing our customers with the best innovative solutions that help them to experience the newest technology.

What is a DC-DC Converter? All high-performance applications require a specific, regulated, and stable power supply voltage. However, conventional battery technology cannot guarantee it. Therefore, you need an intermediate voltage regulator circuit to generate the required supply of power. The voltage regulators can help in fluctuating supply needs. Regulating a power supply to meet the minimum requirement of a specific application also helps in extending its battery life. This is crucial for all types of portable applications.

Once you understand the different converter parameters and requirements from different applications, system designers can better choose the DC-DC converter for their needs. For further information, please contact HVM today!

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