The delivery app that will allow farmers to sell quality produce directly to quality-driven consumers

Creating a friendly, rewarding and efficient relationship between
those who produce food and those who buy it

Farming Isn’t Easy, But Selling Is Even Harder
Farmers do what they do best: they go to great lengths to grow the produce that everyone eats and relies on to stay alive. As beautiful as farming is as an activity, it can’t be done without some challenges. The main problem, though, is that the main challenge that farmers face is selling their produce. Middlemen usually squeeze their margins and reduce the quality of what they produce through lengthy logistical operations that end up providing the produce to end consumers for high prices and less than fresh food. But what if there was a better way?

GrowConnect: the Bridge Between Farmers and Consumers
I am proud to introduce you to GrowConnect, an app that—with your help—is coming soon to do for farmers what food delivery apps have done for restaurants. Just as restaurants were struggling until specialized food delivery apps, such as Uber Eats or Grubhub, came to bridge their offerings with consumers’ needs, farmers have been struggling—especially now, with the added challenges posed by COVID-19—but will find in GrowConnect the solution they need to directly connect themselves to end consumers.

Main Features
● Any farmer—with a small or large farm—can directly list and sell his produce
● Any person can register as a consumer and browse per product category, location and price
● Payment is exclusively made online, securely and instantly
● Farmers get paid without losing margin to middlemen
● Consumers have a secure way of paying and finding better prices
● No waste—farmers can channel their produce directly to consumers without any waste

GrowConnect: the Bridge Between Farmers and Consumers
I am proud to introduce you to GrowConnect, an app that—with your help—is coming soon to create a true e-farmers’ market that is entirely digital and that efficiently connects those who dedicate their lives to producing food with those who need to buy and eat what farmers grow.

Open Farms
GrowConnect will also help open up farms to the world in other ways. You can list your farm as an open farm for consumers to tour and do some agro-tourism. Through memberships, you may allow consumers to pick fresh crops on their own and enjoy themselves while you see your costs going down and profits rising. You can also offer some portions of your land or even your whole land for others to rent and farm. In short, all the commercially-driven innovation that has been keeping the agricultural world behind will finally be available and easy for you to leverage—and for consumers to also benefit from.

Showing Some Love to Those Who Make Food
Let’s face it: farmers have been struggling for a long time. Only four percent of the US population works in agriculture and the average farmer’s age is now 60. Yes, the farming population is aged, tired, ignored and squeezed by middlemen. Far from those who ultimately buy what they produce, farmers struggle to be successful and they have fallen behind and almost entirely missed how technology changed and improved so many industries. Still, if it wasn’t for farmers, what would we all eat? That’s another reason why supporting GrowConnect is so important—because we should show some love to those who make the food that keeps us alive!

Created By a Farmer for Other Farmers
I have an urban farm, so I know exactly the challenges that every farmer faces. Producing food is what we farmers know how to do, but making the connection with the end consumer can be surprisingly difficult and ineffective. At the same time, as a consumer who loves fruit, I’d love to have fresh fruit picked up and delivered straight to me, but there’s currently no way of doing that, which is unbelievable. So, as a farmer and as a developer, I decided to solve this and create GrowConnect, the app that will bring food from the farm to your plate.

The Plan
While I am a developer, I cannot create this platform on my own, which is why I intend to use the funds raised through this campaign to hire other developers and also to engage the services of legal experts so that all aspects of the commercial relationships and transactions that will be developed through the platform are perfectly established for all parties. With your help, we can create this platform that will be a win-win for farmers and consumers.


We need your support to turn GrowConnect into a reality, which is why we invite you to:

● Choose one of the great rewards that we’re offering in order to get early and special access to GrowConnect while also showing your support to our project

● Share this campaign on social media to help us get the word out about GrowConnect

● Talk to your friends and family members about GrowConnect—they may also want to support it and become early adopters

Risks and Challenges

Obviously, there’s no entrepreneurial project that doesn’t come with its challenges. However, in this case, I have already started to approach many other farmers, telling them about the platform and inviting them to join it once it’s built. I have also approached several developers, so I already have the team who will help me build the platform organized and ready to start, once the funds are available. That said, there is no significant risk on the project’s horizon—as long as I can count on your support to make it happen, of course!