Experimenting and creating beautiful handmade jewelry is the passion of the David Tishbi company. Being the brainchild of the best handmade jewelry designer in Beverly Hills, we are the most popular jewelry designing company with clients all over the world.

Once you see the full range of handmade jewelry on our leading online store, you will never want to purchase jewelry manufactured with the help of the standard machines, or any other way. With the popularity of the eco-friendly trend, the availability of handmade items is broadly increasing. We, at David Tishbi, believe in creating unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry. We show our expertise through the intricate patterns and designs on even the smallest pieces of jewelry. For instance, a plain band from our collection is incredibly unique compared to those machine-made rings from other popular stores.

Our jewelry designer in Hollywood, the proclaimed David Tishbi himself, is a connoisseur of artwork. He has the natural talent of creating works of art from simple inspirations. The beauty of nature has been his greatest inspiration of all. For instance, you can find various types of leaf patterns and floral patterns on the jewelry itself. He has also been the pioneer in the use of mixed metal for hand-hammered jewelry making.

Quality assurance: The best part about the David Tishbi company is the guarantee of the quality of the product. If we are selling a 22K gold ring, we have used authentic 22K gold from the manufacturer. If we are showcasing a classic platinum ring, it means that we have used the genuine pure metal in the product. That is why we provide a warranty for our products. We have never received any complaints from our clients regarding the material or the quality of our work.

Comfortable Designs: When you are buying a wedding ring, you plan to wear it throughout your life. So, if the ring is uncomfortable, then wearing it continuously can be a problem. Our jewelry designer in Beverly Hills creates jewelry that is not just beautiful but also comfortable and practical in your everyday life.

David Tishbi’s elegant handcrafted rings combine creative design and beautiful stones to give you that touch of sophistication with a dash of sparkle. His vision is to bring affordable luxury to everyday lives. He strives to bring a sense of timelessness and comfort to luxury jewelry so choose David Tishbi to be Your Personal Jeweler & Gems Expert!


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