Davao, Philippines: Tint Room Davao, a trusted provider of window tinting solutions and car accessories in the Philippines, offers an exclusive range of dash cams for your vehicle from top brands.

L.A. Car Accessoriesis a leading provider of window films and automotive accessories. Tint Room Davao is one of its branches.This company is famous for its outstanding service in the field of tinting of residential, commercial, and automotive windows. The company has a team of experts in car tinting, who have many years of experience in window tinting. The company carries out the application of shades in air-conditioned, and in clean conditions to ensure high-quality service. Tint Room Davao, a Philippines company specializing in window shades and car accessories, was founded in 2019 under the leadership of its parent company LA Car Accessories, founded in 2003.

Tint Room Davao is pleased to offer a wide range of high-quality dashcams for cars to help drivers drive with peace of mind and to provide evidence of a crash or mishap. For those of you who don’t know, the primary function of a dashcam is to record your drive. Dash cameras are a unique device built specifically for vehicles. Think of it as a surveillance camera for your vehicle. Tint Room Davao is the leading company in the Philippines to offer such a high-quality dashcam in Davao from the top brands like Acumen & Rosoto.

Acumen XR16 Dashcam is one of the most demanded dashcams that offer full HD recording with an 11.66-inch full HD screen. One of the highlighted features of this dashcam is LOCK FILE ON COLLISION, which means the G-Sensor collision sensor in Acumen XR16 helps lock files when a collision occurs. This function remembers the collision and locks the file. The marked videos will not be overwritten during use. Other models offered by Tint Room Davao under the brand Acumen are:


Rosoto R20 dash cam is another dashcam from Rosoto, which is always in demand by all car lovers who come for dashcam installation. This dashcam comes with 10-inch touch full-screen front 1080P rear 1080P dual lens and 170 degrees wide-angle rear of view. It also has a 2K 9.66-inch rear-view mirror with dual camera for both the front and rear to ensure full safety. Rosoto R13 & Rosoto A501 plus are other product from Rosoto that you will be able to get at Tint Room Davao

Tint Room Davao also called LA Car Accessories Davao City, is known for its specialization in window tinting services for any car, home, and office, along with car accessories such as car sensors, Merrill dashcams, Tramigo GPS vehicle trackers, 3M outdoor floor mats and much more.

To know more about car tints, visit their official website, https://tintroomdavao.com/. In case of any query, one can also call on (082) 228-7001 to 02 or email to sales@tintroomdavao.com. One can visit their office at The Crest, Diversion Road, Buhangin, Davao City 8000.

About the Company:
Tint Room Davao is part of the Philippines based L.A. Group of companies providing services regarding car accessories, car tint, GPS tracker for car, and window tinting service for residential and commercial purposes. The company, founded in 2003, has the largest selection of car accessories in Davao city.

ADRESS: – El Pueblo, Diversion Road, Buhangin, Davao City, Philippines 8000
WEBSITE: https://tintroomdavao.com/
Phone no,: (082) 228 7001
Email id: inquiry@lacaraccessories.com