Seminole marine is one of the proficient DIY boatyards in Palm Beach. It is the only DIY boatyard which is situated very much nearby the open ocean. The DIY boatyard gives full freedom to the boat owners on choosing their contractors to work on their yacht. Their boatyard price menu is affordable to all type of customers. Seminole marine offers various services which include hauling, launching, pressure washing and blocking.

Pressure Washing:
Different methods are present to clean your boat, but these methods are not effective as much as pressure washing. Pressure washing is one of the effective ways to eliminate the unwanted salts present in the bottom of the boat. It is the only way to clean the whole parts of the boat bottom. Every boat requires a good rinsing before pressure washing it can be achieved by adjusting the pressure level on the pressure washing machine. Multiple pressure settings have to be present in the pressure washing machine. This pressure washing machine can be used for both normal rinsing and actual washing. The pressure washing machines will have a rotating scrub brush which will be used during soap cleaning. If you don’t prefer pressure washing you have to do normal scrubbing with your hand. During pressure washing the boat in hosing down position will be the best option. The main disadvantage of normal cleaning is you have to use a ladder to clean every part of the boat. The essential materials needed for pressure washing includes a pressure washer, detergent and nozzles. Pressure washing has to be done very carefully; any mistake will affect your boat directly. Individuals can perform pressure washing with their own machines but hiring a certified professional will give an additional advantage.

About Seminole Marine:
Seminole Marine is one of the finest DIY boatyards in Palm Beach. The DIY boatyard will not involve in any subcontractor fees or compulsory ship store purchase. The boatyard has both 75 metric ton and a 100 metric ton travelift for hauling the vessel. Depending upon the height and weight of the boat they can accommodate the boats in the yard. The storage rates will vary based upon the hull type of the boat. To know more information about the DIY boatyard and services please, visit


2208 Idle wild Road
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
Phone: 561-622-7600