With any new metal galvanised steel fabrication project comes plenty of planning, challenges and is critical.

Before you budget your next fabrication project, it’s crucial that you have a full grasp on the different manufacturing factors to consider, and how you can optimize each step for cost reduction, timeliness, and efficacy.

Metal Manufacturing

To help narrow down the galvanised steel fabrication, we’ve listed a few factors of your metal manufacturing project and tips to optimize each:

Manufacturing Costs

There are a variety of manufacturing costs involved in a metal fabrication project that can affect the scope and most appropriate production process.
Escalating tooling costs can have a major impact on the bottom line. The cost of tooling, and the terms of cost amortization, often determines which fabrication process is best. The run volume of your new project will typically be a major factor that affects the costs. Partial tooling investment in galvanised steel fabrication ties up capital on your supplier’s shop floor and often requires additional payment or fees to manufacture with another supplier or in-house.

Metal Part Design

Evaluate part geometry, and identify ways to simplify the profile and also lessen the number of bends even meeting the product specifications. In the case of complex sections with multiple bends, hole piercings, and punchings, multiple hits that are used for desired profiles.

Metal Material Selection

Material selection also contributes to manufacturing cost control and design integrity. With many different material types out there, it can sometimes seem overwhelming to choose from. But galvanised steel fabrication work best for large industrial galvanised sheet, honey box conveyor dipping machine, galvanised cable guards, and many more galvanised sheet items.

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