USA 19.06.2020 A principal consultant is a senior member of a consultancy firm who takes a prime role in a consulting project and may direct a team of analysts and junior consultants. The specific job title varies from firm to firm. The common characteristics of all the profiles of principal consultant includes seniority, experience, team leadership and responsibility for client relationships. They are part of the senior management structure of the firm. And are responsible for controlling most of the day to day activities. They are the main face of the company for clients and acts as the main contact person between the firm & client. The job description of principal consultant also empowers them to act as in-charge of several lead consultant teams, depending on the size of the firm, and to delegate projects to various teams. The main task of principal consultant is to hold the client’s hand from the beginning to the end of the project by ensuring that the team addresses the client’s needs as a key part of their job. The ensures client retention and loyalty. They also oversee and guide consultant teams during projects as part of their daily doings.

Dmitry Braverman has well versed experience in Wipro digital as Principal consultant. The prime function of Dimitry Braverman as Principal Consultant at Wipro includes designing, building and maintaining multiple client offerings. He provided technical expertise and guidance to other team members, supported the sales team and made remarkable individual contributions to the product development segment. Dimitry Braverman do have exposure in designing database schema for client offerings; populating and maintaining azure SQL server databases; building enterprise models using power business intelligence desktop; utilizing Microsoft Power Platform (Power BI, Flow, PowerApps.); developing tabular, multidimensional models compatible to warehouse standards; developing self-service models, data analytics using Power BI service; developing, publish, schedule reports and dashboards to meet business requirements; assisting business users on functional and data requirements to enhance data models; providing requirement analysis, design and prototyping. For more details, visit: