Over 10 years ago, Robert Powls introduced a new professional hairstyling brand to the hairdressing industry that would not only embody luxury and innovation, but also revolutionise the way end-consumers styled their hair at home. The brand, known as Cloud Nine, soon became an international sensation.

Other than the fact that the styling tools available on the market were mediocre, they were also causing unnecessary and irreparable damage to the user’s hair. This is what made Cloud Nine’s introduction to the market such a revolution. The brand’s tools were specially designed to reduce the damage done to hair and leave behind a glossy, long-lasting, healthier style.

How? Well, Cloud Nine has given the consumer the control. The brand understood that there was no one temperature that suited all hair types. Therefore, they put the user in control of the heat they used by fitting the tools with different temperature control settings. Unique smart technology is used to maintain the consumer’s chosen temperature.

In terms of reducing the heat damage done to the user’s hair, Cloud Nine’s styling tools mineral infused ceramic technology, combined with the smart technology, ensures that an even temperature is spread across the entire ceramic styling tool’s heating surface. Say goodbye to hotspots, pulling and dragging.

Cloud Nine has a wide variety of styling tools available, consisting of curlers, various hair straighteners and a professional salon hairdryer. The curlers offered by the brand include The O Heated Roller Set and The Waving Wand. While Cloud Nine’s curlers are used to achieve different styles, the brand’s hair straighteners are used for different hair types. The different hair straighteners include The Micro Iron, The Original Iron and The Wide Iron. Finally, the brand’s award-winning salon hairdryer, The Airshot, is seen as a necessity in the hairdressing industry.

If you are looking for premium hair styling tools that will reduce the amount of heat damage done to your hair, ask your hair stylist about Cloud Nine’s tools and accessories. Additionally, you can browse through the brand’s professional products on https://www.cloudninehair.co.za/.

About the Company
Cloud Nine, an internationally renowned brand, was established 10 years ago as a means of replacing the mediocre hair styling appliances that were available on the market. The brand’s product offerings include hair styling tools, such as hair straighteners, hair curlers and a professional hairdryer, as well as several different hair accessories.

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