Are you looking for the best height adjustable chair for your parents or grandparents? In the following article, we tell you what its main characteristics are.

Types of recliner chair hire for older adults:

The recliner chair hire is made of plastic and stainless steel. This product is a seat, often foldable and height-adjustable, which serves to give security to the older adult when he is in the bathroom.

Thanks to this product, you and your family member can be sure that the high back chair will not slip in the shower and that your family member will not fall.

There are two types on the market: shower chair or bathroom chair with wheels. Below we will explain what each one is for since they are very different.

Shower chair:

This type of chair is ideal for older adults who, due to a disability, injury, or muscle weakness, cannot stand for too long, making it difficult to clean up during bath time.

There are chairs with arms, recommended if you have enough strength in the arms you can help stand up on the armrests of the chair, without the help of third parties.

There are also armless shower chairs. If the older adult needs help with cleaning during the shower, this type of chair is more recommended.

Gives the caregiver or family member more freedom of movement to help them in the toilet, if the older adult is unable to stand up on their own.

This chair is usually made of plastic, stainless steel, and the seat has holes so that the water does not stagnate.

Chair with comfortable:

It is a comfortable chair. It is used by family members or caregivers of the elderly to place the chair on the toilet so that the elderly person can sit down without any problem.

Although there are also models that have a potty included. This chair has support handles at the sides, in the form of an armrest. The older adult can lean on these anti-slip tubes to sit and stand up when they have little strength.

How does the chair raisers help older adults?

If your family member has a disability, injury, or muscle weakness, they may not be able to stand up too long or sit easily. This will shorten the bath time and not clean properly, but will also make it difficult to go to the toilet. So, chair raisers guarantee a better quality of life for the elderly.