Every business survives on leads. Leads are potential customers or potential people or businesses that might be interested in your product or service. Contacting these people or businesses might potentially lead to new sales or utilization of your services.

So, here then are 7 ways that generate sales producing leads:

1. Live Chats, Hangouts & Webinars

Everyone at some time or the other has used a chat window. Every often an online chat can produce new leads. “My neighbour’s lawnmower creates a racket, I don’t want that model” A sharp sales exec will not only successfully sell this particular customer a lawnmower, he will also extract the neighbour’s phone number from this customer and sell the neighbour a lawnmower too. All these online chats, hangouts and webinars are great places to snap up potential leads that generate sales.

2. Social Media

Say you where Googling for lampshades. A bit later you open your Social Media Virtual Assistant page; and as you scroll down, right there in the middle, you notice an add for lamp shades electrical products and the like. Amazed?

Fact is, social media platforms make excellent use of cookies stored by other websites. And, if there happens to be an advertiser selling goods or services matching those cookies, then you too are served that advertisement. Given that almost all of us have a social media account, social media is an excellent place to find leads that generate sales.

3. SEO & Google AdWords

A clever and experienced webmaster will use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google AdWords to find leads. Google AdWords is a great place to find out what potential customers are searching for. Once those keywords are incorporated into the website, there is huge potential to generate sales producing Lead Generation.

4. Generate Referrals

A referral scheme is when you offer your customer to give up a name of a friend or someone they know, who might be interested in a product or service you are offering. The customer providing the name is in turn (usually) offered a substantial discount on future sales or some sort of cash rebate.

5. Provide Useful Content

Blogs and articles especially the do-it-yourself type article or review, is a great way to produce sales generating leads. This is done by adding several links to pages that sell products or services that are mentioned in the blog or article.

6. Develop Strategic Alliances

Assume your website sells beautiful hand-painted coffee mugs. Having a strategic alliance with another website that sells customized gift could product huge amount of sales generating leads.

7. Email & Newsletters

Sending out well designed emails and newsletters that provide a preview of (say) reviews of products or do-it-yourself instructions, can lead to huge amount of sales generating leads.

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