India, June 2020: Simple Energy has hired two former members of Ather Energy’s core team. Of the two recruits, one has joined as Simple Energy’s Chief Technology Officerelectrical department while the other is the company’s Principal Engineer. Both of Simple Energy’s newest senior recruits are IIT graduates and had been members of Ather’s core team since the companies early days

Both recruits have joined as core members of Simple Energy’s teams. They are leading the company’s mechanical, electrical, and homologation departments. Their expertise in these three areas will prove invaluable to the company. Simple Energy’s new recruits are involved with hardware architecture, power electronics, and the development of a next-generation BMS system that will make batteries safer and more efficient. Simple Energy’s Principal Engineer is the head of mechanical design. Notably, their knowledge of homologation will be essential to Simple Energy products that meets the government’s ARAI standards. Also, in the coming years, both members will contribute to Simple Energy’s efforts to develop electric motorcycles and cars.

The hiring of the two ex-Ather Energy’s employees is a massive milestone for Simple Energy. It serves to bolster Simple Energy’s standing in the competitive electric scooter industry. Also, it infuses the company’s team with talent that has deep expertise in battery technology.

Speaking about the newly joined recruits Mr. Suhas Rajkumar, Founder, Simple Energy said “What Simple Energy has achieved with Mark 1 the first prototype is remarkable. Some of the leading minds in the electrical vehicle industry now work with Simple Energy. Their expertise will go a long way in helping us develop electric vehicles. Also, by joining Simple Energy, these two talented pioneers signal that they have immense faith in the company. They expect to continue working in areas they are passionate about. Both believe they have found the right place for their ideas to come to fruition. Their expertise will also give existing team members new insights and lead to unmatched synergies across teams. We welcome both of the newest members of Simple Energy’s team and know that working with them; we will create products that meet ours and consumers expectations.”