June 17, 2020 – Atlanta, GA: Docmation announces the launch of Salesforce B2B Commerce Quick Start Packages, in collaboration with Salesforce. The Salesforce B2B Commerce Quick Start Packages aim to aid B2B businesses with a rapid shift to ecommerce when unprecedented recent events have made digital the only channel across industries in unlocking new sources of revenue.

The Quick Start Package is exclusively designed for businesses that want cost-effective and fast B2B storefront solutions to deliver a smooth, digital buying experience to customers. From manufacturing to hi-tech, companies across the industrial-spectrum can avail Docmation’s Salesforce B2B Commerce Quick Start Package and experience a high-performing, seamless B2C-like storefront that is tailored to meet their unique business needs and sales processes – and can be up and running in less than five weeks.

Regarding this exciting collaboration and launch, Jay Sappidi, Co-founder and Principal at Docmation, says, “We are proud and excited to be announcing the launch of the Salesforce B2B Commerce Quickstart Packages. Docmation is one of the very few select Salesforce partners to be approved for B2B Commerce Quickstart Package. Salesforce B2B Commerce makes online buying easy for your business buyers. Launch a storefront in under six weeks, start growing revenue, reducing costs, and engaging customers in a more personalized way.”

About Salesforce B2B Commerce Quick Start Package

Docmation’s Salesforce B2B Commerce Quick Start Package is available in two variants, each streamlining the ecommerce experience for specific business categories – the Quick Start Basic is suitable for small and mid-sized businesses with straightforward sales processes. The Quick Start Advanced, which is five times more powerful than the Basic version, is ideal for enterprise-level organizations with more complex sales cycles.

Following an easy four-step implementation process, the Salesforce B2B Commerce Quick Start Package enables businesses to enjoy a full-feature e-commerce experience, faster time to revenue, and ongoing support for routine maintenance, product upgrades, and bug fixes at a fixed, affordable cost.