Nature has her own way to show her wrath. Pembroke Pines in Florida is not new to tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail, floods and strong winds – events that leave the properties of residents damaged extensively. With a crime index of 26, the place is also witness to thefts and burglaries where vandalism can destroy your property considerably.
Most homeowners rely on insurance as a foolproof back-up plan. But, even with an insurance, you can never really be at peace when there is extensive damage done to your property through natural and man-made factors. This is not until you receive a fair claim settlement amount in your hands from your insurance company. The ground reality is that most homeowners receive substantially less as settlement money from the insurance company, if not peanuts!
Hiring the services of acclaimed public adjusters in Pembroke Pines, Cohen & Associates is one of the best ways for homeowners to ensure that they maximize on the settlement amount. The plus point with this firm is that they have been associated with the Florida adjuster segment for the last fifteen years and more. Their rise to being one of the leading public adjusters in the region is mainly backed by the knowledge-base and expertise of the team. Be it a structural damage or a fault with the plumbing pipes, the firm has extensive know-how to prepare the right claim application on your behalf.
The firm is known for its honest efforts in ensuring that damages are assessed with meticulous thoroughness and the insurance policy documents are scrutinized for helping prepare the best claim possible. Since experience is on their hands, the team is able to carry out accurate damage assessment and perfect estimates of repair costs. And, that is not all. The team begins to work right when contacted by the policy holders and does not end till the time a fair settlement has been received from the insurance company.
As an independent insurance adjuster in Pembroke Pines, the company ensure following the best practices that is aligned with ethical practices and transparency in dealing. As per a company spokesperson,” we strive to help our individual customers maximize their claim settlement. The homeowners are kept informed and involved in every step, from documentation to assessment of the damage to handling the insurance adjusters from the insurance company. We work to get a just and fair deal for our clients so that their property damages do not become a nightmare for them!’