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One of the sale managers from Janvi Herbs said, “ As a reliable organic natural essential oils suppliers and manufacturers, we provide amber essential oil that can help prevent bacterial infection. This essential oil also help clear the lungs as an expectorant. It also helps in easing the symptoms of lung infection”.

He further said, “This essential oil from our online store can be a complementary treatment for depression and anxiety. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the body’s reaction in the brain and allows for relaxation and focus”.

He added, “ The regular use of essential oil has a truly relaxing experience and help manage the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Regular use of this essential oil is useful in treatment of sleeping disorders like insomnia. It has also been proven to help relax and arouse”.

This essential oil reduce pain and inflammation. The regular use of this essential oil may ease arthritic joints and temporarily stop the pain of wounds. This essential oil has shown to have an effect on the reduction of inflammation. It has stimulant properties that encourage great oxygenation and improved blood flow. This in turn improves your overall blood circulation.

About the Company

Counted as first among the best natural essential oils manufacturer and supplier, Janvi Herbs offer the best quality of amber essential oil at a good bargain. With its large production capacity, rich vendors’ base, and spacious warehousing facility, Janvi Herbs has been able to deliver this essential oil in bulk quantities within the promised time frame.