March 11, 2020: VyprVPN is proud to announce the launch of Version 3.4.0. The new edition now supports the latest and much improved OpenVPN 2.4. If you are having trouble logging in, the new update also provides alerts to tell you exactly what the problem is. There have also been some minor bug fixes to deliver an unparalleled private browsing experience.

VyprVPN is a virtual private networking service that puts you back in the driver’s seat when you’re browsing the web. You get to enjoy privacy and freedom no matter where you are and what device you’re using. It’s the VPN of choice for millions around the world, and it lets you safely connect to the internet from home, at work, or when you’re on the move.

Keep your private life safe

Many websites track your activities. Ad networks are some of the biggest offenders, since they record your browsing history to deliver personalized ads. If you don’t want to have your every online activity tracked by these intrusive networks, a VPN masks your real online identity and prevents all sites from tracking you.

Use the web without censorship

In many countries, the internet is heavily censored. Even where it isn’t, you will often find that your favorite online services are unavailable if you go abroad. Others will simply default to the local language, which can be very annoying if you’re on holiday or traveling for business. VyprVPN lets you work around these restrictions and frustrations effortlessly.

By masking your real IP address and letting you select the location you’d like to browse from, any website you connect to will think you’re connecting from that country. That way, you can combat censorship, licensing regimes, and other localized restrictions and changes. Now, you get to be in control of your digital life!

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